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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  June 5, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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through the harbor tunnel. out to 695, a live look at the west side at interstate 70. and inner loop nice and clear up to 795. and taking you 12 minutes on the outer loop from 795 all the way down to 95. up in hunt valley, a live look at the harrisburg expressway, and shawn road and traffic moving along and things will remain nice and clear as we get on the jfx and head downtown. that is your time saver traffic. 4:32. erika brannic is getting ready to meet the woman who she said saved her life after the boston marathon bombings. according to cnn viewers helped locate the woman who we told you about yesterday morning, jones from california, that's all we knew her as and it turns out jones is actually amanda norris and after hearing reports of erika's north coming friends texted her about the search. she was cheering on her daughter who was running. she will reunite with erika
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here in baltimore for the first time since the bombing. the super bowl champs are taking part in an honored tradition, the ravens will be honored at the white house with the super bowl win. ray lewis and eds reed are expected to be there but antoine bolden and kerry williams won't be. bolden has a mandatory ota with his new team with san francisco 49 49ers and williams has practice with his new team. and kerry williams is upset the ravens decided to release him during the off-season and on friday they will have the super bowl ring ceremony. another candidate is entering the race for governor. robin george is expected to make the announcement in annapolis. ron george has represented delegates since 2007. an update on a young girl hit by a car in ocean city. >> she is recovering from surgery at johns hopkins children's center and expected to be in the hospital another
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couple of days. because of her injuries, she will not be able to attend the kindergarten graduation, but her mother aaron shaw says she is awake and talking and asking why her head hurts. the 5-year-old doesn't remember being hit, her mother does and she is speak about what happened after a driver hit her daughter. >> he stopped and turned and opened the car door and turned around and looked at me and closed the door and drove away. how would you drive away? and leave my child lying in the middle of the road? >> police managed to track down the driver, 18-year-old jasmine schumann now facing a number of charges and her trial is set for july. meantime saw says more needs to be done in ocean city to make those streets safer. no stop signs or speed deterrents where she was hurt. a 13-year-old girl is in the hospital after being hit by a van in howard county.
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the girl was taken to johns hopkins children's center in critical condition. the collision happened at the intersection of castleford drive yesterday afternoon. and witnesses told police the girl stepped into the street and right in front of the van. one year ago, michael sullivan was shot and killed in his seafood shop on bel air road. the murder remains unsolved. but friends and family are not letting people forget about what happened. last night they came together, trying to get the word out to find some form of relief. years ago, sullivan added check cashing to the seafood business and on the morning of june 12, 2012 two men came in the store and tried to rob it. a struggle and that's when sullivan was shot a number of times. >> very sad. he worked hard to get where he was at. and he was very proud to open that door, every day. and he treated everyone in this neighborhood very good. >> if you or someone you know has any information about the murder of michael sullivan, you're asked to call crimestoppers, that number is
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866-7-lockup. police in howard county are hoping that surveillance video will help identify a man caught holding up a 711. you can see him enter the store with a black hood and mask covering his face. the gun is already drawn and this video was recorded during the robbery last friday. and the man walks through the store and until he finds an employee and then forces him behind the counter at gunpoint. you can see it right there on the screen. police say the man got out of the store with a bag of cash and also it came from the remster. anyone with information is asked to call the police. 410-313-stop. 4:36. sports this morning, the o's are looking to make it three straight tonight going for another win in houston. the orioles scored their first- ever win in houston, texas last night stopping the 'stros 4-1. and dana valencia had the third homerun of the season but another strong outing by chris tillman, one run through seven innings of work but the o's
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still remain 2 1/2 games out of first place in the american league eastern division. some major developing news coming out of the world of baseball. according to a report on espn, major league baseball is preparing to suspend alex rodriguez. ryan brawn and about 20 other players. linked to a clinic in south florida. that clinic is at the heart of an ongoing doping scandal. espn outside the lines support says those suspensions could come in the next few weeks. if the suspensions are upheld, the performance enhancing drug scandal could be the largest in america's sports history. it is now 4:37. time to get back to lynette and a check of the forecast. another great start to the day. >> yesterday was gorgeous. it was absolutely perfect. so today, hopefully it will be pretty good. let's find out. meteorologist lynette charles. >> you're exactly right. yesterday was gorgeous and today is another gorgeous day on tap. we are starting off nice and cool and crisp. as you step out the door, again, you will need that jacket, that sweater and look at hex stead and even cooler than what we were yesterday at this time, at 53. and this morning, we are coming
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in at 48 degrees. and 53 in cockeysville and wood bine at 52 degrees this morning as well as frederick. 55 in aberdeen. and 53 in darlington. and centerville this morning at 53 degrees and good morning to you. as we step out and about, satellite and radar, a few clouds out there but all in all plenty of sunshine as we head through the rest of today. let's send it back over to you guys. >> this weekend, the world will celebrate the deep blue sea. >> take a look at this guy. how is coo is this? we love -- how cool is this? getting ready to celebrate so much more this weekend, with the huge party for world ocean day. we will let you know all that is planned coming up after the break. >> also, this morning, one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. is that really what neil armstrong said after taking his first steps on the moon? why you shouldn't always believe everything you hear. >> well, megan and charley, no delays on 695.
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we will show you the other main lines and the latest drive times coming up for you on "good morning maryland."
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well, it has been the subject of book, songs and poetry and this weekend the world will gather to celebrate the ocean. >> world ocean day became official in 2008 and the national aquarium here in baltimore has a full plate of activities paying tribute to the cause. >> abc 2 belinda stowe is live
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at downtown baltimore with more on what is going on. >> reporter: animals for sure maybe in the next hour. but we are fortunate to have this in the backyard. and the national aquarium is getting ready for a huge party this weekend. to tell us more about it laura banky director of conservation. thanks for being here so early. >> thank you for coming. >> you guys have a huge event scheduled this weekend. saturday and sunday. for world ocean day. tell us about it. >> yes, we do. we are celebrating world oceans day both days this weekend. and during saturday and sunday, we are inviting the public to come and celebrate us with. we have lots of activities within our aquarium building. both families, fun activities, and great animal encounter, and just a lot of experiences, kind of one-on-one, with our staff, and our animals. >> we hear a lot about earth day. not a lot of people know what world oceans day is. what is that? >> it is similar to earth day but it is focusing on our
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waters. and specifically our one world ocean. so it is our opportunity to talk about the ocean and what it provides to us, in our every day lives and as a society and a community. >> and i know people are like, oh, the ocean, it seems so vast and huge and so out there, but how does it affect us every day? >> well, the ocean starts at home. that's what we like to say. that our efforts here in baltimore are what we do in our every day lives, it affects what happens in the harbor. but that also goes downstream and affects our oceans. so what you do in your backyard or in your workplace affects the health of our oceans and that's the message we really want to bring home. >> that's great. and tell us about the cute bird houses. people here actually designed them, and they will be raffled off this weekend. this is a great activity that our volunteers and staff do every year. we take bird houses and you can see how amazingly they're deck kateed and it is a lot of -- decorated and it is a lot of fun for us and a fundraiser and all of the proceeds this year are going to the national
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aquarium animal rescue program. we're inviting the public to join thus year. you're more than welcome to come in and buy raffle tickets and have a chance to win one of these amazing pieces of art. >> thanks for joining us this morning. and again much more on world oceans day at the world aquarium this weekend. and much more in 30 minutes. back to you guys. >> if you're looking for fresh fruit and vegetables and flowers, you can head out to the maryland state fairgrounds and the baltimore county farmer's market kicks off today. every wednesday from now to the end of october, stock up on local produce, meats, flowers and baked goods and pet treats and the market runs from 10:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon and parking is free at the maryland state fairgrounds. today could be anythin like yesterday, it would be a great day to get out and go to the farmer's market. >> absolutely. lynette, it might be a good day to go out and get dog treat force your pooch. what do you think? >> i took my dog on a long walk yesterday. and do it again today.
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absolutely magnificent outside. a cool note once again starting off. parkton, 50 degrees. and across the eastern shore 56 degrees. cambridge at 58 degrees right now. and northeast, good morning to you. and you're at 59. this is what is going on for today. we look at the satellite and radar and we have a few clouds pushing through this morning. but those are going to give way, we will get lots of sunshine as we go throughout the day and mostly sunny skies and some high clouds moving in. and then we will start to see a little bit of change in the forecast. but for right now, high pressure is still doing its thing, and this will begin to slide off toward the east and once it does, that that's when we start to see more clouds in the forecast. and now also what we're dealing with in the gulf of mexico, we have a bright area of low pressure, that is going to move off toward the north and east, toward us. so we are going to see some very wet weather possibly as we head towards friday. so the rain chances bring their way in here on thursday but the best time for rain will be on
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friday. abc 2's most accurate future trend goes into motion and we will stay nice and dry for today. and then as we go through time, this is what we're looking at, lots of moisture moving our way because we are talking about tropical moisture, and this will continue for the next several days. i will have that seven-day forecast for you in just a moment but right now let's go to traffic with lauren. well, lynette, we are off to a nice and calm commute. high speeds across the region. if you're traveling in baltimore county. the harrisburg expressway. 61 miles an hour along the southbound lanes. here at schwann road. nothing to get in your way with the push to 695. and things are nice and clear to the jfx and head downtown. 95 in harford county. in great shape and a look at the latest drive times, conditions will remain delay free as you make the push down to white marsh. a seven minute ride from the harbor throughway to the fort mchenry toll plaza. 695, no problems to report on the east side. and looking at a typical 11
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minute ride traveling the outer loop from 95 up to 83. and no delays on the west side. it will take 12 minutes on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. that is your time saver traffic. take a look at what a group of fishermen off the coast of california landed. a massive maco shark. 11 feet long. 8 feet in girth. tipping the scale at 1300 pounds. one of the men said it took more than two hours and a quarter mile of lines to reel this one in. they're waiting to find out if it is any type of record or a world record. the shark is expected to be donated to a research organization for study. one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> it is one of the most famous quotes in history. and it is also one of the most debated. for years, neil armstrong insisted he meant to say one step for a man. and not the commonly heard for man. well, now, according to a new
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study, he may have actually said what he intended to say. researchers out of michigan state and ohio state university studied how people speak in armstrong's native central ohio. a very exotic place. and they found that often for and for a sound similar in that part of the country. i listened to it for quite some time and i'm trying to think about that. and i will have to jog my brain and figure it out. what do we have here? another two hours 15 minutes of "good morning maryland," we will come back to you on that. because does it really matter? it came across perfectly. as "for man ." >> stay with us. something all women love to do. share clothes. >> one woman is inviting you into her closet. wow, you can find an entirely new wardrobe, and you met this woman. >> she is amazing. cool business. >> and the federal government
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says automaker chrysler is refusing to recall millions of suvs.
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news making national headlines this morning, the trial fore an army psychiatrist suspected of killing 13 and injuring 32 others in fort hood is set to start. jury selection begins against major hassan, charged in connection with the 2009 killing rampage at military
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base in texas. opening statements are expected to start july 1. he could face the death penalty if convicted. he is charged with killing 16 afghan civilians and today, staff sergeant robert bails is expected to plead guilty. in exchange for his plea, the government will not seek the death penalty. staff sergeant bails is going on a killing spree last year. the massacre is considered the deadliest war crime by a single american soldier, in the post 911 era. last week's deadly tornado, in oklahoma, is now one for the record books. that twister spread 2.6 miles wide, and the widest ever measured on earth. its width reaching 300 miles an hour, and just the strength of the storm ever measured and the national weather service says friday's tornado was a top of the scale f5 and originally they thought it was an f3 and the upgrade was the result of the tornado's wind speed. in all 19 people were killed last week including three storm chasers. than of course made national
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news, because they were known for being so careful. but when you take something like this, into account, lynette, 2.6 miles, it can do anything. >> yes. >> you said it, charley. you're exactly right. and unfortunately, they're still dealing with severe weather, possible for today. and we look across the middle of the nation. the southern plains today and strong thunderstorms rumbling across kansas and oklahoma this morning. and this will continue throughout the day and the ark tex under the gun for severe weather. here at home, we're dealing with dry and pleasant weather this morning. a few clouds coming into the area. as your kids head out to the bus stop, make sure they have the jacket and the sun screen, and the sun shades this morning. the high temperature at 80 degrees. the seven-day forecast brings heavy rain by friday. a check of the traffic with lauren. lynette, at least we have sunshine today. got to enjoy that good sunshine. if are you heading out on 95, a live look north of the area, beautiful start to the day. not much traffic. no problems getting down to dc.
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and traveling northbound, nice and clear all the way to the fort mchenry tunnel. interstate 70, a live look at columbia pike, no problems west out to frederick or eastbound to 695. and as we check in and take a look at the updated travel times, no delays on the west side of the beltway. you're looking at a 12-minute ride. and traveling the outer loop from 795 all the way down to 95. and we will remain in the green as we head over to the west side of the beltway. and you're looking at a typical 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 95 all the way to 83. and there is a lot of construction still taking place out on 895. right on the northbound lanes at the spur as well as this area but it is not affecting traffic through the harbor tunnel. it will take nine minutes from 95 to the toll plaza. that sur time saver traffic. shopping online has changed a lot from ebay to craigslist. there are all sorts of ways to buy and sell out there. but the web site we're about to show you is a little different. it allows to you buy, sell and save and offers a sense of community by getting a look
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inside someone's sense of style. i spent some time with a local woman who is having a blast and making cash at the same time. >> jessy piper has invited countless strangers into her closet. thousands of people have at least stopped by. >> the thousands of people have checked out everything from shoes to shirts to bags and many of them like what they see and buying it off the closet shelf. now we should mention, all of this is coming from a web site. posh mark. it invites shoppers in someone's closet to browse and buy and sell. >> a lot of dresses. a lot of blouses. a lot of purses and a lot of jewelry. a lot of jewelry. >> you can check out someone's goods searching by designer, style, or size, you can buy it outright, or you can negotiate. >> something like a bundle of five necklaces. she offered me $40. but i offered her $45 right back and she agreed. >> and for jackie pipe ther started when she was helping a
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friend sell clothes online. and we had fun and made a lost money and started selling my closet. >> and she started selling wholesale and paid off. and since november piper has made about nine grand. >> indiana, kansas, new york, florida. >> and she is shipping everything all over the country. she can pretty much operate her business from her phone. thanks to an app which allows her to be on the road with her husband who travels for work. >> i think this will change the way people shop. it is on your phone. >> one of the things users love about posh mark is the ability to peek in someone's closet and the other thing they enjoy a sense of community. >> this girl says she was recently divorced and just get back into the business world after five or so years and she is looking for, you know, work clothes. >> i have a lot of stuff that i'm going to give to goodwill. and it looked like blazers and stuff and instead i sent it all to her. and she left me a comment back when she received the package saying that she was in tears because she was so happy.
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>> and for this woman, helping others will never go out of style. not bad for a woman who even as a little girl had a passion for fashion. and now, it is a career. >> well, critics of posh mark feel the web site charges to much, 20% on all sales and purchases and jackie doesn't mind because after all it is the price of doing business. charley? >> 4:57. and saying no to the federal government. the first time in more than 15 years an automaker is challenging a recall order. and chrysler is refusing a national highway traffic safety administration request to recall almost 3 million suvs. the ntsb says the gas tank design from the 1993 to 2004 jeep grand cherokee and the '02 to '07 model liberty is faulty and a commonly used tank design used in many vehicles and the deadly crashes involving the suvs were almost all high speed accidents in which a different design wouldn't have made any
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difference. the federal safety agency has yet to comment on chrysler's refusal to issue that recall. we're back in a bit. 1
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the days of pizza delivery boys may be a thing of the past. domino is testing a new way to get the pizza to your front door. it is called the domino copter and carries two large pizzas and if you live in a four mile raidus of the store you will
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get your pizza in about 10 minutes. it is operated from the ground by someone experienced in drone flying. i don't know about that. >> after that video we showed earlier of some guy eating the toppings off someone else's pizza, i would say go for it. >> "good morning maryland" at 5:00 begins right now. missing her kindergarten graduation, as she continues recovering after a hit-and-run in ocean city. this morning, her mother shares a powerful and emotional story in an interview you will only see on abc 2. >> one year since michael sullivan was murdered in his business on bel air road. we will tell you what his family is doing to make sure due forget him. >> erika says she wants to say thank you to the woman who saved her life after the boston marathon bombings. and will get that chance. how the preschoolteacher was able to get in


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